Turn your Spark page into a proper website

Publish to your own domain, hide Adobe branding, add analytics and more

Remove branding and add your own
Keep visitors on your website
Add analytics, web chat, and more

Own your content. Own your brand. Everywhere.

Give visitors to your site a consistent experience by keeping content at your own domain

Custom Domain

Rehost your content from other platforms at your own domain

Custom Branding

White label any web page with custom CSS and add your own branding, logo, colors, and more

Custom Widgets

With custom JavaScript you can add new capabilities like analytics, web chat, etc. to your web page

Membership Management for Notion and ClickUp

Password Protection, Email Sign Up, Paid Memberships.
Manage members via the dashboard or API

Advanced features for other platforms (coming soon)

Membership mangement features coming soon for other platforms

Let's connect!

Link your Spark page to your own domain, so you can:

Customise branding
Add custom CSS and JS
Add analytics, tracking, and more

More than a redirect, better than an iframe

Stay at your domain
Change branding
Make custom changes (HTML, CSS, JS)
Link directly to specific pages
Works perfectly on mobile
Add analytics, webchat, etc.
Working SEO

See Cloakist in action

Agencies, enterprises, startups, and individuals use Cloakist to host their Spark page on their own domain and add custom branding.




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Adobe Express

January 21, 2021




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Adobe Express

January 14, 2023




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Adobe Express





Live since

Adobe Express

March 20, 2022




Live since

Adobe Express

January 5, 2022

How it works


Enter the URL of a page you want to move to your custom domain


We'll connect your page on a free .cloakist.site domain for you to test


Add your custom domain, logo, change the colors, add analytics, and much more. All done via your Cloakist Dashboard.

Own your content. Own your brand. Ready?

Easy setup, highly reliable

Cloakist uses state-of-the-art technology powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing you to move your public page without compromise.

No coding required

Set up your custom domain in minutes — without writing a line of code.

Quick set up

All you need to do is enter 2 DNS records in your domain manager (e.g. GoDaddy). Don't worry, we'll give you detailed instructions.

Highly flexible

Change anything you want with CSS, HTML and JS. Or get our help to rebrand your public site in any way you want with our Pro plan.


We exclusively use Amazon Web Services, meaning your site will experience the minimal downtime of the world's largest hosting platform
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I start paying for my custom domain?

Creating a Cloakist account is free. Take all the time you need to set up your account and configure your settings.

Your 7-day trial only starts when your website goes live.

How do I configure my DNS settings to rehost via Cloakist?

You will need to create two DNS records to connect your domain with your page. All the details will be on your Cloakist Dashboard.

We are working on more tutorials to guide you through this process. For now, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

How are pages added to my domain?

After you set up an account and configure your DNS settings, Cloakist will rehost your selected page on the domain or sub-domain you specified.

Each page will show as a subdomain (page.mydomain.com) and therefore counts as one domain in your subscription plan.