Build a simple static website with Microsoft Sway and host it at your own custom domain

Learn how to create a simple static Microsoft Sway website, host it at your own custom domain and change the default branding. Follow this 3 Step process.

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Sometimes all you need is just a simple static web page to publish some instructions, create a landing page, or share a collection of designs.
If a simple static page with clear information is all you need, then Microsoft Sway is the perfect tool. It offers an easy, no-code way to build great looking web pages.
Advantages of a Microsoft Sway page:
  • Easy to create a static web page
  • Beautiful templates and an easy way to alter the design
  • Does not require any development or deployment.
  • Videos, documents can be embedded easily
  • Can easily be published to the web
There are some disadvantages, too:
  • The domain is too generic: It might look suspicious to some users.
  • When you publish your page it includes the Microsoft branding. This might distract from your business or personal brand you want to reflect on the page.
  • Maybe there is a way to use your own custom domain for your Microsoft Sway page?
Now you can with Cloakist!

Add a custom domain for Microsoft Sway in 3 simple steps

Using Cloakist allows you to publish you Microsoft Sway page to your custom website.
For example, let's say this is your Sway page:
And this is the custom domain where you want to host it:

Step 1: Sign Up

notion image

Step 2: Configure

  • Enter your Sway Page and your custom domain
notion image

Step 3: Connect

  • Follow instructions to create the DNS settings
  • (this will link your domain to your Sway page)
notion image
And you're done!
Now your Microsoft Sway page will be available from the custom domain you specified.


Sway is an easy, no-code solution for simple, visually appealing web pages, that can be created and updated in no time and shared easily. With the help of Cloakist you can make these pages part of your branded website.
Get started now and Try Cloakist for free (no credit card required)
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Bruce McLachlan

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