Live examples of Cloakist in use

Argentum: Heroes Work Here

Adobe Express

As the leading trade association for senior care homes in the US, Argentum wanted to create a new site to celebrate the heroism of carers during the pandemic. They did this by creating an Express (previously Spark) page and moving it to their domain with Cloakist.

Coda Team Wiki

✨ Custom branding

We made this example to show how Cloakist works with Coda. The original Coda doc has been moved to our domain and we've injected some custom CSS on top to make it our own. There are no limits to the CSS or JS that can be injected.

Vehi Logistics

✨ Custom branding
📚 Multiple pages

Startup founder Marcelo helps logistics firms in Brazil track their fleet of vehicles with his business Vehi. Marcelo wanted a way to move Airtable bases to his own domain, and rebrand them with the Vehi logo.

Coffee Roasters At Pitt

Adobe Express

Coffee Roasters At Pitt created a simple Adobe Express (previously Spark) page to advertise their 13 locations across the Pittsburgh University campus. Cloakist lets them put this Adobe Spark page at their own domain.

Joe Versus Churn

✨ Custom branding

SaaS analyst Joe created a blog on Substack, but wanted it to live at his own site (joeversuschurn.com). Cloakist did this for him, and also let him add a layer of branding so his blog wouldn't just look like any other Substack.


✨ Custom branding
📚 Multiple pages

Digital analysis blog Screentimes wanted to have a public board of tasks from ClickUp that anyone could track. But it was important for them to keep their own branding for consistency with the blog itself.


Roam Research

Complice founder Malcolm Ocean uses Roam Research to catalog his writing, but was having to redirect from his domain intertwingled.blog because Roam doesn't support custom domains. That's where Cloakist came in. Now his readers can head straight to https://intertwingled.blog.

Nathan Young's Personal Site

Google Docs

Impact entrepreneur Nathan Young prefers a stripped down Google Doc for his home page, which anyone can edit. He uses Cloakist to move the public doc to his site nathanpmyoung.com so that it functions as his home page.

Sortir A Paris

Adobe Express
✨ Custom branding
📚 Multiple pages

As one of the major online guides to Parisian events, Sortir A Paris wanted to rebrand multiple Adobe Express (previously Spark) pages that they publish to highlight aspects of Paris's nightlife. Cloakist customises their Express page favicons, social sharing images, and adds a social sharing widget.

Skedulo Calendars

✨ Custom branding
📚 Multiple pages

Having raised $75m in their Series C, scheduling startup Skedulo wanted to move their staff's Calendly links to their own domain and rebrand them in order to keep their customer experience consistent.

AWARE-N-US Campaign

Adobe Express

The AWARE-N-US campaign, for greater diversity in the cannabis community, wanted to use their Express (previously Spark) page as their home page. They also needed an age verification modal before entering the home page, which was added by Cloakist as a custom feature.

HeadsUp Careers


AI sales product HeadsUp wanted to move their Notion page to their own domain so that jobhunters wouldn't be sent to an unbranded link.

Indiedemos Roadmap

✨ Custom branding

The Indiedemos Roadmap Board showcases what is possible with custom CSS branding to completely change what your board looks like.

Rodrigo Franco's Site

Hey World

Brazilian software developer Rodrigo Franco wanted to take advantage of his beautiful public blog courtesy of Hey.com, but host it at his domain.

VPN Tables

✨ Custom branding

VPN Tables is a simple Airtable base made into a public rebranded site with Cloakist, to showcase the options that are available in the VPN market.

Highlight Application Form

✨ Custom branding

Product feedback agency Highlight wanted to use an Airtable form for new product reviewers. Cloakist moved this to their domain and added a custom header to match the look and feel of the rest of their site.

Configuration Guide

Microsoft Sway
✨ Custom branding

The Indiedemos Configuration Guide showcases what is possible with adding Custom CSS to your Microsoft Sway page, removing the Microsoft branding and adding a custom favicon.

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