Check out live examples of Cloakist

Below you can see live examples of Cloakist used by our customers. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us or email [email protected].


Cloakist for Adobe Spark

Drum and bass musician Sistym created a simple website using Adobe Spark, but was unable to move it to her domain ( because Adobe Spark doesn't offer custom domains. That's where Cloakist came in. Now her fans can find her site living at

Cloakist for Substack

SaaS analyst Joe created a blog on Substack, but wanted it to live at his own site ( Cloakist did this for him, and also let him add a layer of branding so his blog wouldn't just look like any other Substack.

Custom branding:

Yellow background, and Joe's choice of font
Made with