Live examples of Cloakist in use


Adobe Spark

Drum and bass musician Sistym created a simple website using Adobe Spark, but was unable to move it permanently to her domain (sistym.com.au) because Adobe Spark doesn't offer custom domains. That's where Cloakist came in. Now her fans can find her site living at https://www.sistym.com.au.


Custom branding
Multiple pages

Startup founder Marcelo helps logistics firms in Brazil track their fleet of vehicles with his business Vehi. Marcelo wanted a way to move Airtable bases to his own domain, and rebrand them with the Vehi logo.

Coffee Roasters At Pitt

Adobe Spark

Coffee Roasters At Pitt created a simple Adobe Spark page to advertise their 13 locations across the Pittsburgh University campus. Cloakist lets them put this Adobe Spark page at their own domain.

Joe Versus Churn

Custom branding

SaaS analyst Joe created a blog on Substack, but wanted it to live at his own site (joeversuschurn.com). Cloakist did this for him, and also let him add a layer of branding so his blog wouldn't just look like any other Substack.


Custom branding
Multiple pages

Digital analysis blog Screentimes wanted to have a public board of tasks from ClickUp that anyone could track. But it was important for them to keep their own branding for consistency with the blog itself.


Roam Research

Complice founder Malcolm Ocean uses Roam Research to catalog his writing, but was having to redirect from his domain intertwingled.blog because Roam doesn't support custom domains. That's where Cloakist came in. Now his readers can head straight to https://intertwingled.blog.