Custom domains, and more

It's not just a redirect. Move any form, document, or page to permanently. And add your own branding.

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Send your customers to pages on your domain

Put Airtable forms, ClickUp documents, Adobe Spark pages, Trello boards and more at your custom domain, with your branding. Works for hundreds of platforms.


Case study: Adobe Spark

Drum and bass musician Sistym created a simple website using Adobe Spark, but was unable to move it permanently to her domain ( because Adobe Spark doesn't offer custom domains. That's where Cloakist came in. Now her fans can find her site living at

Put your pages at your domain permanently

Unlike a redirect, Cloakist makes your custom domain stay in the URL bar when the page loads, resulting in better UX and SEO than a simple redirect. That's also what lets us change branding, and add any CSS or JS you require.

No coding required

Set up your custom domain in minutes — without writing a line of code.

Your safety & privacy first

We'll never ask for access to your workspace or private data. We only work with public content.

Brand integrity matters

No more confusing your customers with links and branding they don't recognize.

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