More and more businesses are using Airtable to share information with their customers, and get information back from them.

Two of the best tools for this are Airtable's forms and share links.

But there are two big limitations built into both of these parts of Airtable's product.

First, you can't show them at your own domain. Second, you can't whitelabel them - in other words, change the branding so you don't confuse your customers with a link at, a site they may never have heard of.

Once you make an Airtable form or share link, it's stuck at something like You can't move it to

This means you're stuck with sharing an ugly unbranded link with your customers and readers.

Luckily, there are two ways you can get around this.

Method 1: redirect

The first thing you could do is set up a simple redirect from to

If you're having any trouble figuring out how to set this up, simply google the name of your domain manager, e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap, and 'redirect'. There should be an instruction page that shows you how you can set up the redirect so that you can start sharing

You could even use a service like Rebrandly, which will help you set this up and add analytics on top. Or Bitly, if you're not fussed about being able to use your own domain name.

There are two problems with this solution:

1) It doesn't keep the user at They end up on the Airtable URL, at which point they might find it strange that they were redirected in the browser.

2) You can't change anything about the Airtable page. You can't set it up to have your own branding, or add your own analytics, live chat, custom CSS, etc.

That's where Cloakist's method comes in.

Method 2: custom domain

The second option is to use a service like ours which puts your Airtable URL at your own custom domain, seeing as Airtable don't offer this feature out of the box (unfortunately).

What happens when you do this is a user goes to, sees your Airtable page, but stays at

This is an example we set up of a form at our domain doing exactly that.

As you'll see in our example, we took it to the next level by customising the font and general branding of the form so that customers looking for our AnyForm service wouldn't get confused by Airtable's branding.

And here's an example of a rebranded base for one of our customers:

If that's interesting to you, you can try out Cloakist for free by going here.

You'll only be asked to pay once you're happy with your live site.