How to put a Trello Board at your own custom domain

How to put a Trello Board at your own custom domain

Many businesses and teams use Trello boards to track their activities and manage priorities.

Very often there is a need to share these Trello boards publicly. But there are two big limitations built into Trello's product.

First, you can't show your board at your own domain.

Second, you can't change any of the standard Trello branding. This is not ideal if you want your public Trello board to match the branding of your company.

Once you make a Trello board public, you get a cryptic link that looks something like You can't move it to

This means you're stuck with sharing an ugly unbranded link with your customers and readers.

Luckily, there are two ways you can get around this.

Method 1: redirect

The first thing you could do is set up a simple redirect from to

If you're having any trouble figuring out how to set this up, simply google the name of your domain manager, e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap, and 'redirect'. There should be an instruction page that shows you how you can set up the redirect.

You could even use a service like Rebrandly, which will help you set this up and add analytics on top. Or Bitly, if you don't need to use your own domain name.

There are two problems with this approach:

1) It doesn't keep the user at They end up on the Trello URL, at which point they might find it strange and potentially can't navigate back to your actual website.

2) You can't change anything about the Trello page. You can't set it up to have your own branding, or add your own analytics, live chat, custom CSS, etc.

That's where Cloakist comes in...

Method 2: custom domain

The second option is to use a service like Cloakist which puts your Trello board's URL at your own custom domain.

Now when a user goes to, they see your Trello board page, but stays at

As you'll see in the example below, we took it to the next level by customising the general branding of the board so that customers looking for our service wouldn't get confused by the default Trello branding.

BEFORE (this is the standard site)
AFTER (this is the custom domain & rebranded site)

View the live demo here:

If that's interesting to you, try out Cloakist for free by going here.

You'll only be asked to pay once you're happy with your live site.