How to whitelabel Adobe Express pages

Here are your options if you use Adobe Spark to create beautiful pages, but want to remove all Adobe branding

How to whitelabel Adobe Express pages
Here are your options if you use Adobe Spark to create beautiful pages, but want to remove all Adobe branding
Updated 11-Feb-2022
Adobe Express is a very convenient tool for creating whole sites from scratch in very little time, particularly if you have a lot of beautiful images that you'd like to give as much space to as possible.
There's a downside though. The team over at Adobe have said they are not planning to add support for custom domains, which makes full whitelabeling essentially impossible.
That means that if you want to use Adobe Express, you are stuck with:
  • Your URL for the page being at the domain, instead of your own domain (or at if you made your page when Adobe Express was called Adobe Spark)
  • The page favicon (the little logo next to the tab title) being the Adobe Express logo
  • The Adobe-style social sharing link previews
So what are your options if you would like to turn your Adobe Express pages into proper websites that live at your own domain?

You can DIY it

One cool option is to use a brilliant product called Cloudflare Workers. Without going into too much detail, you have to move your domain management from e.g. GoDaddy over to Cloudflare, and then use Workers to forward any requests to your domain (let's say it's to the original Adobe Spark page.
This is a powerful solution, and it's completely free. But it does require doing some very light coding – which anyone could do.
We've written a guide here which walks you through every step of this, and gives you the code to use:

You can use Cloakist

At Cloakist, putting Adobe Express pages at people's own domains and fully whitelabeling them is our bread and butter.
We charge $10/m for this, if you only want to change the domain from to, or $25/m if you also want to customise the favicon and social sharing link previews.
We offer a completely free trial of this, followed by a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the set up. So if you don't want to go down the DIY route, there's not too much risk to testing our service out.
We now have 15+ customers using us for Adobe Express. Here are some examples of our customers:
If you'd like to try out our service, feel free to start a free trial here:
Or, if you have any questions, you are welcome to get in touch at

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