Webflow Custom Domain

Create professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.
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Move your Webflow site to your own domain and customize the branding.

What is Webflow?

Create professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.

How to add a custom domain for Webflow?

With Cloakist it is possible to have a custom domain for your Webflow site.
You can connect your custom domain to your Webflow by using the CNAME records provided by Cloakist.
Cloakist will link the public Webflow site to the domain or sub-domain you specify.
You need to share a public link to your Webflow site with Cloakist. That is the only way we can display the content on your custom domain.
This is how you can get the link in Webflow:
notion image

Can I white label my Webflow site?

With Cloakist you can whitelabel any Webflow site.
That means you can add a custom domain and change the branding.

Can I add my own logo or branding to Webflow?

Cloakist allows you to add custom CSS and JavaScript to your Webflow site.
You have the ability to change any branding, logos, colors, fonts, and more.
Additionally, you can remove the Webflow branding and logo to add your own brand.

Is there an example of Webflow custom domain and custom branding?

Here is an example of a standard Webflow site using Cloakist for their custom domain and branding.

How to create a custom domain for Webflow with Cloakist?

Get started with your Webflow custom domain and custom branding on Cloakist.
You will need two things:
  1. The a public link to your Webflow site
  1. A domain name that you own
Once you have your Webflow link and your domain, then you are ready to get started with Cloakist.
If you need help setting up your CNAME records, please check our guides here: