What kind of custom branding can Cloakist do?

Cloakist's powerful reverse proxy technology lets you rebrand sites that you don't usually get to control, with content created in Notion, ClickUp, Coda, Google Docs, Trello, and more.

What kind of custom branding can Cloakist do?
Cloakist's powerful reverse proxy technology lets you rebrand sites that you don't usually get to control, with content created in Notion, ClickUp, Coda, Google Docs, Trello, and more.
At Cloakist, we are proud to offer our customers unique solutions that are otherwise impossible to achieve. Specifically, our platform enables users to add custom branding and features to third-party pages that they don't own.
In this post you will lear how you can create a custom “on brand” exeperience for your users or website visitors.

Own your brand, Own your content

Third-party platforms restrict your control over both your content and your brand. On a daily basis, countless users create public pages on popular platforms such as Notion, Google Docs, Airtable, Calendly, Trello, ClickUp, and Coda.
While this is an impressive feat, it comes with a drawback. As the owner of the content, you do not have complete control over the branding, which is a crucial component of your company's image.
Third-party platforms limit your ability to:
  • customize your branding
  • add your own logo or elements
  • change social sharing link previews
  • or integrate your own tracking and analytics
You are solely at the mercy of the tools offered by these platforms.

That's where Cloakist’s custom branding comes in

Cloakist's custom branding feature empowers users to enhance third-party pages in unique and exciting ways.
Our platform leverages a cutting-edge reverse proxy that re-hosts and white labels your page at your own domain. This functionality, typically referred to as a "custom domain," allows for extensive page modifications that were previously unattainable.
With Cloakist, users can:
  • rebrand Airtable bases with their own logos and favicons
  • implement a language selection widget on Trello boards
  • and even add password protection pages to Notion with our dedicated app
These examples barely scratch the surface of Cloakist's capabilities.
To explore further, we encourage you to visit our product showcase, which features over 180 real examples of websites created with Cloakist.

How does custom branding work on Coakist?

At Cloakist, custom branding involves connecting your custom domain to third-party pages, such as those created on platforms like Airtable, Notion, Calendly, or ClickUp.
This connection grants users extensive customization power, thanks to several key features:
  • Firstly, Cloakist hides the 3rd party service's logo and branding by default
  • Additionally, users can specify their own logo, favicon, title, and description for the page, which are then used for social sharing images
  • If that wasn't enough, Cloakist allows users to add custom CSS and JavaScript, enabling even further customization and features for their site

Let us help you achieve increased brand equity and value for content

At Cloakist, we find our platform's capabilities incredibly exciting. Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly exploring new features that will enable our customers to have even greater control over the pages they create with third-party platforms.
We welcome your ideas, no matter how ambitious they may seem, for modifying public pages that fall outside your realm of control.
Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about enhancing your custom branding and page customization.
You can start with a completely free trial, or contact us at support@cloak.ist to discuss your needs.
We look forward to exceeding your expectations and breaking down the barriers of what's possible together!

Own your content. Own your brand. Ready?

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