Host your Loom videos at your own domain with custom video links

Host your Loom videos at your own domain with custom video links

Loom is a video messaging tool that helps record videos and easily share them basically anywhere.

Loom has become a really popular tool to record anything from quick video messages, team meetings, tutorials, and other content.

Many people and businesses use Loom to make a series of video recordings, for example:

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Course Content
  • Online Loom Classes
  • Conference Recordings

A Loom video link typically looks like this:

That means, if you link to a Loom video from your website, users will be taken away from your website to Loom. This is not ideal if you want your public Loom videos to match the branding of your company.

What if you wanted to share your recording from your own website? Like this:


It is not possible to do this directly from Loom. You could embed the videos into your site, but if you wanted to share the video links, it would still use the "ugly" Loom links.

But there is another way...

Using a service like Cloakist allows you to put your Loom video URL at your own custom domain.

Now when a user goes to, they see your Loom videos, they stay at

Additionally, you can specify your own custom links for your Loom videos. So instead of seeing the confusing "/share/e41353f2fe1c43eba6c6829693e0f2c5" link, your users will see a sensible link describing the video, e.g: "/lesson01"

As you'll see in the example below, we took it to the next level by also removing all the Loom branding from the video page.

On your Cloakist Dashboard you can configure additional branding using Custom CSS and also specify the Custom Links for your Loom videos.

Cloakist Dashboard: Add Custom CSS and Custom Loom Video Links

If that's sounds interesting to you, Try Cloakist for free.

You'll only be asked to pay once you're happy with your live site.

Live Demo

Here is a live demo of a video series by Pat Grady.

All the videos are accessible from the custom domain ( and each video has a customized link.

Pat Grady: Lessons Series

Try Cloakist for free, only pay once you are happy with your live site.