How to customise the social sharing link previews and favicons of Adobe Spark pages

This article will go into why it's impossible to change the favicon or social sharing links for Adobe Spark sites, and what you can do about it.

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Adobe Spark Post lets you build beautiful sites incredibly easily. But when it comes to sharing those sites online, there are a few major problems:
  • The link previews will show the URL,, and always say 'See the story'
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  • The page itself will show the Adobe Spark favicon in the tab title (that little 'Sp' logo), and the URL in the navigation bar
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Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this.

The limitations of Adobe Spark

Although Spark is great at making sites fast, the team at Adobe are not focused around the needs of Spark users who need to hide the Adobe branding and use their own.
Competing site builders allow you to easily customise the favicon and social sharing link description, but Spark doesn't. This may be a smart move from Adobe's point of view – it means that users of your Spark site will know about Spark, and might try it out themselves.
Without Adobe Spark themselves supporting customisation of the favicon and social sharing link description, there is – as far as we're aware – only one way to get around this issue, and that's by using Cloakist.

Cloakist for Adobe Spark

The first thing Cloakist can do with your Adobe Spark page is put it at your own custom URL.
So instead of having that link, you'll be able to send around a link like this:
This is a Cloakist customer's live site, built with Adobe Spark and moved to their own domain.
But Cloakist can also go a step further, and change almost any aspect of this site:
  • Fix the favicon
  • Use custom social sharing link previews
  • Remove any other signs that the site was built with Adobe Spark
  • Even add analytics or live chat
In this particular case, the customer didn't request any of those. But if you'd like to try out Cloakist to make an Adobe Spark site properly your own, you can get started completely free here.
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Louis Barclay

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