How to put your Adobe Spark page at your own domain

How to put your Adobe Spark page at your own domain

Adobe Spark is a great product.

Spark lets you create simple image-heavy landing pages in just a few minutes.

But there's one huge limitation that comes built in to Adobe Spark.

Once you make your Spark page and publish it to a URL like, it's stuck there.


You can't move the page to your own domain. So if you own, you can't show your Spark page at that URL.

This means you're stuck with sharing an ugly unbranded link with your customers and readers.

Here are your options:

Method 1: redirect

The first thing you could do is set up a simple redirect from to

That's a pretty good solution, used by many users of Adobe Spark already.

If you're having any trouble figuring out how to set this up, simply google the name of your domain manager, e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap, and 'redirect'. There should be an instruction page that shows you how you can set up the redirect so that you can start sharing

The problem with this solution is that it doesn't keep the user at They end up on the ugly Adobe Spark URL, at which point they might find it strange that they were redirected in the browser. That's where method 2 comes in.

Method 2: custom domain

The second option is to use a service like ours which puts your Adobe Spark URL at your own custom domain, seeing as Adobe don't offer this feature out of the box (unfortunately).

What happens when you do this is a user goes to, sees your Adobe Spark page, but stays at

This is an example of one of our customers' Adobe Spark sites doing exactly that. You can see more examples here.

If you want to take it to the next level, Cloakist's Pro plan will let you customise things like the document favicon and remove any mention of Adobe Spark in the page's tags, so when you share links on social media, your audience will see the link preview that you want them to see, instead of one that says 'See the story' by default.

You can try out Cloakist completely free by going here. You'll only start paying after a 7 day trial, and even once you do, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide it's not working for you.