Cloakist lets you put any public page at and add your own branding/scripts/analytics etc.

But what precisely do we mean by this?

We mean that we mostly work with pages that:

  • Don't require log in
  • Don't have secure features such as payment

Examples of public pages that Cloakist supports are:

  • Notion pages
  • Trello boards
  • ClickUp lists
  • Adobe Spark pages
  • blogs
  • Substack blogs
  • Google Forms
  • Other forms (Typeform etc.)

We support a lot of pages

That list just scratches the surface! If your page is relatively simple, and doesn't have payments or log in, the chances are that we can move it to

Normally, we're talking about pages you'll have made with some kind of product that allows you to create publicly shared pages to share with other people.

But it might just be that you have a website that you built at one domain that you want to move to another, with minimal hassle. We can also help with that.

If in doubt, try it out

And one more thing: if you are in doubt as to whether Cloakist can support your page – whether you see it as public or not – just go ahead and submit a trial request. We'll evaluate your page and let you know.

(We're even happy to try out pages that include log in or payments – we just can't promise we'll be able to support them. But we have had some successes in the past.)

Try Cloakist

You can get started here.