Which platforms does Cloakist support?

Overview about all the platforms supported by Cloakist, including: Notion, Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Adobe Express, Calendly, Linktree, and more

Which platforms does Cloakist support?
Overview about all the platforms supported by Cloakist, including: Notion, Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Adobe Express, Calendly, Linktree, and more
Cloakist offers users the unique ability to move and rebrand almost any public page to your own custom domain.
While the possibilities with Cloakist are vast, we often get asked about which platforms are supported.
Does Cloakist work with any website? In most cases, yes. Cloakist works well with pages that are publicly available already and where the content is relatively static.
Cloakist will not work well with pages that require a users to login or make payments. This is because of security restrictions of the underlying platforms.
Below, we provide a detailed breakdown of supported platforms with Cloakist's advanced customization.

Platforms Cloakist works with, Guaranteed

Cloakist has customers currently using our service with the following platforms, so we are 100% certain that they are compatible with Cloakist:
Glide Google Docs Google Forms Hey World HubSpot Forms JotForm Linktree Loom Microsoft Sway Notion
Retool Roam Garden Roam Research Sendspark Softr Sotion: Notion Membership Substack Trello Typeform Webflow
(new platforms are being added almost every month)

Supported Platforms: Cloakist's Capabilities for Custom Branding on Public Pages

In addition to the previously listed platforms, Cloakist has a high probability of being compatible with a range of other platforms under the following conditions:
  • The platform does not require user login or handle online payments
  • Public pages, meaning those not requiring login, are being shared
Cloakist's compatibility is even more likely if the platform is relatively simple, with mostly static content. With this in mind, Cloakist's flexibility as a custom branding solution opens up a wide range of possibilities for enhancing public pages across various platforms.

Unsupported Platforms: Platforms Incompatible with Cloakist's Custom Branding Features

While Cloakist is compatible with a wide range of platforms for custom branding enhancements, there are some exceptions. Platforms that require user login, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Jira, or platforms that require online payments, like Shopify, are generally incompatible with Cloakist.
However, we are continuously improving and expanding our capabilities and may soon extend support to password-protected pages on relatively simple platforms. For the best assessment of compatibility, we encourage you to test our platform through a free trial to determine if your chosen platforms are compatible with Cloakist.

Determining Platform Compatibility: A Risk-Free Solution with Cloakist

To ensure that Cloakist's custom branding solutions perfectly suit your needs, we offer a completely free 7-day trial to test out platform compatibility, absolutely risk-free. We are confident that you will see the value in our platform and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide it is not the right fit for your custom branding goals.
To learn more about how Cloakist can enhance your company's branding on public pages, visit  try it out for yourself. If you have any questions about your platform's compatibility, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@cloak.ist.
At Cloakist, we're committed to providing customized, high-quality solutions that help you achieve your branding goals more effectively.

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